After discovering the benefit of the innovative Carbontec® system in Europe and Russia, four entrepreneurs set their minds on bringing the technology to North America. Carbontec® was founded in 2016 when the company gained exclusive license from the main manufacturer in Germany, Ginesys GmBh, to do just that. Carbontec® was founded with a committment to bringing a better, cheaper, more efficient, cleaner, healthier, and environmentally-friendly heating product to the world.


Greg Rovner


Greg has been involved in business development for over 20 years and has successfully launched several existing businesses. He has consulted on projects ranging from tech, fossil fuel, real estate development, online travel agencies, and more. Greg has a track record of success which most recently includes the close of a seed round with a VC for his Tech startup.
Greg Landau


Greg immigrated to the United States in 1979, with no help or grasp of the English language. With hard work and dedication, he became a true success story by building one of the largest insurance brokerages in New York at the time, and being dubbed the “American Dream” in various publications.


Mr. Landau is a determined, goal-oriented individual who has worked both independently and as a team member in many business ventures. As the founding partner of South Florida Law, PLLC, Mr. Landau also brings a business background. He received his MBA in Business Entrepreneurship and has a passion for business development, corporate structure and management.


Mr. Ajabshir has been involved in starting up and growing successful businesses since he was an undergraduate student at Florida State University. While at Florida State, he was part of a team that founded a marketing and event planning company that successfully spread to several other universities throughout the state. Mr. Ajabshir kept his entrepreneurial sprit going when he co-founded South Florida Law, PLLC right out of law school. The firm is now in its fourth year in existence, and has seen tremendous growth year over year.