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Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are some common questions about Carbontec®

What type of heating is the most effective: ceiling or floor?
The ceiling heating shows the highest rate of efficiency, which comes to 98%, and the efficiency of the floor heating comes to 60%.
Why installing in the ceiling is most efficient?
Carbontec® Heating Systems work just like the sun quickly and effortlessly heating surfaces from above. Unlike conventional heating that heats the air and makes it rise.
What is the economic efficiency of Carbontec® system?
Carbontec® heating system completely excludes the expenditures on negotiations and obtaining of permits. The system also excludes expenses on the design and maintenance works. The electricity consumption rate comes just to 4w-6w per sq.ft of the used Carbontec® material, while the efficiency of the infrared Carbontec® material is 2.5-3 times higher compared to the conventional convection heating systems, including gas heating.


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