What is

Carbontec® is a UL-listed technology that heats space with radiant energy using a carbon fiber polymer film. Infrared waves heat the entire room with maximum efficiency while the system remains hidden inside the floors and ceilings of your home or office. It simply needs to be plugged into an outlet to start generating heat, and can reach a heat of up to 300°F using a power supply as low as 30 volts. The Carbontec® system was designed to replace inefficient and outdated conventional heating systems at a fraction of the operating expense.

Where can
be used ?

The film can be cut to your specifications and applied in any ceiling, under any floor, or behind many accessories such as rugs or wall fixtures. Carbontec® works particularly well when installed in a ceiling, where it reaches its peak 98% efficiency. Carbontec® also happens to be the only UL-listed heating system capable of installation in a ceiling. In addition, it can be adhered to drywall, embedded into plaster and covered with paint. In most cases, the material remains hidden all while keeping your space comfortable and cozy.

How does
work ?

There are only a few components to the Carbontec system, which distinguishes it from traditional heating systems and makes it very easy to maintain. Two clips connected at either end of the polymer film are attached to copper strips running along the film’s exterior. These strips are connected to a hidden transformer, which reduces the 110/220-volt film down to 30 volts, allowing maximum heat efficiency at the lowest possible power yield. The transformer can connect to a thermostat or Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing the user to regulate temperature control whether onsite or off. Within seconds of supplying power to the Carbontec system, your space will be filled with radiant heat at the desired temperature.
Carbontec® is seeing successful use across Germany, Russia and the UK

Benefits of Carbontec®

  • 1
    Cost Efficient
    Carbontec® runs so efficiently at such low voltage that it practically pays for itself within a couple years of implementation.
  • 2
    Heating Efficiency
    Traditional heating systems are 70% efficient at best. Carbontec can yield 98% efficiency. This means lower electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 3
    Health Benefits
    Infrared heating has been known to improve blood circulation, increase joint mobility, and rejuvenate skin. In addition, infrared heat has anti-allergenic properties. Not to mention, the system produces little to no dust, acts as a dehumidifier, and can help eliminate the formation of mold.
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    Space Saver
    Carbontec® eliminates the clutter of pipes, boilers, and radiators as utilized by outdated conventional heating systems.
  • 5
    Ease of Use
    The Carbontec® film is just three millimeters thick and can be placed behind or underneath any decorative surface. The Carbontec® perforated film has a unique patented surface and wool coating that allows for easier adhesion, saving up to 32% on construction mixes.
  • 6
    The Carbontec® System is UL-listed, 100% safe, fire-retardant, self-extinguishing, and resistant to minor damages, punctures, and water.
Warm Floor Low Dust Compact No O&M Efficiency Easy Install Green
Electric under floor
Water under floor
(central heating)
< 30%
Carbontec® 98%
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