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Ceiling Infrared Heating Panels

At Carbontec®, we offer ceiling infrared heating panels that provide an unparalleled heating experience for your location while saving you money that would be wasted on a central heating unit. If you’re considering our ceiling panels for your location, the first aspect you need to understand is that our system is nonintrusive to any preexisting system in your home or building. Our ceiling heating panels are as thin as a sheet of paper and can be easily installed on the sheetrock ceiling but away from any electrical or pipework systems already present in your building. This makes installation a breeze and is one of the many reasons why we highly recommend getting our ceiling infrared heating panels. It’s so easy that any general contractor can do it; just watch our installation video. Alongside its ease of installation, our ceiling panels allow you to heat your rooms in a more effective and healthier way for inhabitants. It’s more effective, given that you need a fraction of the energy to power this system compared to that of a typical central air system, saving you money, especially in the colder seasons. Furthermore, unlike a central air system that forces allergens and particulates into the room while drying out the air, our system simply heats the room’s surfaces and occupants without affecting the moisture levels.

At the end of the day, our ceiling infrared heating panels allow you to better heat your home or business without negative repercussions. And while this is a newer concept to the world of heating systems, it is a 100 percent safe and tested system that uses the same dynamics as sunlight coming in through a window and heating a room. The rays that emanate through our panels to heat the room and its occupants keep the temperature comfortable and the air quality healthy. Make the switch today with Carbontec® and let the healthier heating system benefits begin while you save money on your heating bills.


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