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Commercial Infrared Heating

At Carbontec®, we are looking to bring our heating systems to not only the homes of all our valued customers but also to industries and businesses, no matter how big or small. Our commercial infrared heating opportunities allow companies to keep their locations perfectly heated without dealing with any of the negative side effects that come with a central air heating system. Central air, which is expensive to operate year after year for larger locations, can also lead to an overall feeling of discomfort in each room. Central air heating systems dry out the air and proceed to disturb dust and allergens, leading to negatively affect workers and potentially products. What our commercial infrared heating systems offer is a condensed package that effectively is no thicker than paneling and that will negate all of the undesirable aspects of your large-scale central air system. With infrared heating, air isn’t forced, so it doesn’t disturb allergens or cause various particulates to get into your workers’ eyes, lungs, or on their skin. Furthermore, it keeps your overall location cleaner without drying out the air. After all, with our system, it isn’t the air that’s being heated; it’s infrared waves that provide warmth directly to the people and products in the space without affecting the quality of the air.

The end result that you get with our commercial infrared heating system is warmer rooms at your location that aren’t dried out or filled with airborne particulates. And installing this system doesn’t have to be an issue; given how thin the paneling is, you won’t typically have to worry about it getting in the way of any wiring or other systems present throughout your location. Alongside these benefits, our system doesn’t require the same energy draw that a central air system does either—meaning you will save your business money by not allocating so much to simple heating bills when those colder months come around. Finally, our system is tried and tested to be 100 percent safe, so while you’re getting all these benefits you can rest assured that your building is being heated by a process that is no different than sunlight coming through a window and warming a room.


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