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Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are some common questions about Carbontec®

What type of heating is the most effective: ceiling or floor?
The ceiling heating shows the highest rate of efficiency, which comes to 98% because the Carbontec material only has to go through the applied ceiling plaster and perhaps a textured ceiling finish. The efficiency of the floor heating comes to 60% because any floor radiant heat system has to overcome the floor-covering layer to provide heat into the room.
Why installing in the ceiling is most efficient?
Carbontec® Heating Systems work just like the sun quickly and effortlessly heats surfaces from above. Unlike conventional heating that heats the air, Carbontec infrared emitted energy heats up the walls and surfaces of the objects and subjects inside the room.
What is the economic efficiency of Carbontec® system?
Carbontec allows for customers to upgrade a room or their entire house with infrared radiant heating without the prerequisite of a home renovation. Carbontec can be easily installed onto the ceilings, which would save you thousands of dollars in labor and materials. Carbontec also operates at low voltage; so operating costs are minimal especially when using a programmable thermostat. Carbontec gives you the versatility of zone heating which saves you even more money on operating costs.
What are the monthly heating expenditures for a room with the area of 100 sq.ft?
For a 100 square foot room, the required Carbontec material will come out to 20 square feet of Carbontec Heating surface. 20 Square feet of Carbontec material consumes electricity at .224 Kilowatts per hour, and at the average electrical retail rate of $0.12 per kilowatt/hour the following expenses can be expected:

  1. $0.026 per hour
  2. $0.215 per day*
  3. $1.505 per week*
  4. $6.451 per month*

*Operating at 8 hours per day using a programmable thermostat

What is Carbontec’s UL Number?
File E475841 Vol. 1, Order 10712861, Project 4786844000
How do I become a certified installer?
If you are that licensed HVAC, general or electrical contractor you can be certified very easily with a free consultation from a distributor.


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