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Infrared Floor Heating

At Carbontec, we offer infrared floor heating so that you can warm your floors with an advanced heating system that will save you money. The great aspect about our system is that it doesn’t require an intrusive installation or a ton of space. Our system makes use of panels that are thin and easy to manipulate so that they can be installed in your subfloor with little to no hassle. And while this is relatively easy to do, we strongly encourage hiring a trained professional to install your new infrared floor heating system to get the most out of your purchase. This system gives you full control over the spaces within your home or business so that you can decide exactly which rooms you want heated and to what degree. Whether that’s for a kitchen, bathroom, or any other variety of cold-floored room, if you know you or others are going to be spending time there, you can tell your system to keep that room’s floors warm to the touch. Meanwhile, you won’t be wasting any money on heating rooms where your floors don’t need to be heated in that moment.

Another aspect to note is that your typical heating system on the market today works by heating the room and the air within it, which can lead to uncomfortably dry air and unhealthy conditions for those present. Our infrared floor heating system allows you to maintain your preferences in each room while also having healthier air conditions for all those who may be in those spaces. Our system has been tried and tested to be 100 percent safe. The simplest way we can describe our system is to say that it uses the same dynamics as a room heated by sunlight coming through a window and warming the floor. It’s the same type of energy—just now under your control and moderated in a way that is completely safe.


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