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Infrared Home Heating

Infrared home heating is a revolutionary system that can save you money while giving you more power and control over how you heat your home on a daily basis. At a minimum, an infrared heating system allows you to warm your home without bringing particulates or dry air into the equation. Rather than pushing warm air around and circulating pressure, an infrared heating system uses the same dynamic as sunlight by heating each room of your home with infrared rays, which will warm you and the surrounding surfaces without affecting the moisture in the air. Our system also allows you to have more control over what a typical central air system allows. You’ll be able to decide which individual rooms you want heated at any time throughout the day rather than just having your system running and filling empty rooms with warmth, or making certain rooms too hot for their inhabitants. Your choices can be more fluid with our system, and you can have full control over how your home is heated and by how much, giving you more power for your preference.

Furthermore, our infrared home heating system is minimally intrusive to install. Our system mainly consists of thin paneling that can be placed either in the ceiling or in your subfloor without being in the way or obstructing any other pipe or ductwork already present in your home. And another great aspect of our system here at Carbontec is that it requires much less power than a typical central air system to heat your home. So not only will you have more control over your home’s heat in general, but you will also be able to save money the entire time you’re using it. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about our infrared home heating options.


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