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What people are saying about Carbontec®

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking

“I had the system installed in my home, and have been loving every moment of it. When it gets cold in the winter, the system allows me to choose which rooms are heated, saving me hundreds in heating bills every winter.”

David Nosikovsky

“The installation of this system was almost as easy as operating it. Works great and absolutely no noise or visibility of the product! The best part of this product is the years of savings on my heating bill. Bravo!”

Aleksey Fleyshman

“There was mold in my condo. My contractor suggested I use the Carbontec system too remove some of the mold, but it ended up removing the entire mold from the floors. HIGHLY recommended and will tell all my friends!”

Alla Baratta

“My kids suffer from asthma and allergies to dust. The Carbontec system has mitigated those problems in my home, for myself and for my family”

Edgar Prado

“I love how economical and practical the heating system is. Keeps the moisture level to a minimum and love how it heats the home. My family and I have experience a significant increase in air quality in our home.”

Steven L

“I had this installed in my parents’ home, and during the wintertime I have seen an overall increase in well-being from my parents with this heating system”


“I have had central air heating installed before, and the headaches of ripping out walls for vents, and ducting turned out to be a great big headache. The Carbontec technician had all of my heaters strips installed onto my ceiling within a day. After it was finished drying, I had a modern, efficient, and hidden home heating system that was great for my property value and my heating bills”



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