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What is Carbontec® ?

Carbontec® is a UL-listed technology that heats space with radiant energy using a carbon fiber polymer film which is only a mere 0.21 millimeters thick! Infrared waves heat the entire room with maximum efficiency while the system remains hidden inside the floors and/or ceilings of your home or office. Carbontec® Heating Systems only requires 20-25% space coverage! It connects through a thermostat and a step down transformer. The material is most efficient at 24 volts, reaching 115°F. The Carbontec® system was designed to replace inefficient and outdated conventional heating systems at a fraction of the operating and installation cost.

Where can Carbontec® be used ?

Heating Ceilings with Carbontec®

The Carbontec® heating film provides the most effective way of distributing heat when it is applied to a ceiling area. Since our Carbontec® heating material is only 0.21 millimeters thick, your new heating system can be easily applied covered up by paint or ceiling plaster. The subsequent addition of gaps and openings in the Carbontec® heating film is easily possible without the heating function being impaired.


Heating Floors with Carbontec®

The Carbontec® heating film can be combined with almost all surfaces. Subsequent drilling on the Carbontec® heating film surface has no adverse effect on its functionality. This example shows a floating installation under a laminate hardwood.


How does Carbontec® Work ?

There are only a few components to the Carbontec® system, that distinguishes it from traditional heating systems which makes it very easy to install and operate. Two clips connected at either end of the polymer film are attached to copper strips running along the film’s edges. These strips are connected to a hidden transformer, which reduces the 110 volt incoming voltage down to 24 volts, allowing maximum heat efficiency at the lowest possible power yield. The transformer can connect to a thermostat or Wi-FI-enabled thermostat, allowing the user to regulate temperature whether onsite or off. Within seconds of supplying power to the Carbontec® system, your space will be filled with radiant heat at the desired temperature.

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How to install the Carbontec® system


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