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Bathroom Primary Heating Kit

Bathroom Primary Heating Kit


Kit includes:

Prospective Project Size

60-120 Ft²

Total BTU Output

823.2 BTU


Technical Specification

Characteristic Value
Power Input
120 VAC
Output (Carbontec Heating Film)
22.8 W/Ft²
Output Per Foot
40.2 W/Ft
Secondary Voltage
24 Volts AC
Primary Circuit Breaker Protection
Building Circuit Breaker
Secondary Circuit Breaker Protection
25 Amps
Expected Operating Surface Temperatures
70°F - 115°F (21°C - 46°C)
Min. Bending Radius
2 Inches (50mm)
PET Film with Carbon Fibers and Fillers
Primary Conductor/Transformer
12 AWG (to the Mains and/or Controller
Secondary Conductor/Transformer
10 AWG, Max. 30 Feet (10m) in Length
Heating Dimension Width
23 Inches (58.42cm), 21 Inches (53.34cm) Net Heating Width
Min. Length
3 Feet (1 Meter)
Max. Length
6 Feet (2 Meter)
Max. Heat Transfer Resistance Value For Flooring Coverings
1.0 hr x °F x Ft²/BTU (0.15 m²K/W)
BTU Output To Output Per Square Foot
77.7 BTU/hr per Ft²
BTU Output To Output Per Linear Foot
137.2 BTU/hr per Ft