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New York, NY

Project size: 1000 sqft


We installed Carbontec in a 3 bedroom apartment with a combined kitchen/ living room space. 78 linear feet of Carbontec total was installed in the ceiling to be used as the only heating source. Four heating zones were created. The first zone is the master bedroom. The master bedroom has 12 linear feet of Carbontec installed, 3 linear feet was installed in the master bath and 3 linear feet in the guest bath. Kit Carbontec-251-L-1000-18C was used. In the second bedroom as well as the third we installed 12 linear feet of Carbontec using a Carbontec-251-L-500-12C kit. Finally, 36 linear feet of Carbontec was installed in the living room/ kitchen area using a Carbontec-251-L-500-12C kit as well as a Carbontec-251-L-1000-24C kit. This comes out to a total of 4 kW used to heat this apartment and only 36 amps. The retail cost of these kits comes out to $6,639.95.






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